GADD Bylaws

Georgia Download Destination Bylaws

counties-mapwOverdrivecolorandwhite-1-300x300Adopted May 2008; amended May 2015, May 2019, May 2022

Name and Mission
The name of this consortium shall be Georgia Download Destination (“GADD”).
The mission of GADD is to provide access to downloadable materials to the patrons of the member libraries.


  • Membership in Georgia Download Destination is limited to Georgia public library systems.
  • Membership in GADD is contingent upon paying any and all applicable fees to associated vendors in agreement with contractual obligations, including new member fees should those apply.
  • GADD’s contractual period is the fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).

Georgia Download Destination shall be governed by an Executive Committee comprised of the Director of each member library system.
The Executive Committee shall elect or approve (in the case of Selectors) the following officers annually in conjunction with the Spring Directors Meeting, to take effect July 1st of that year:

  • Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Selection Committee Chair
The Secretary is responsible for recording the minutes of each meeting and having them ready for review at the following meeting. The Secretary is not responsible for contracts or any communication with vendors.

  • Advisory Committee (3 members including the Chairperson)
The Advisory Committee consists of Directors of three participating library systems. The Chair serves as one of the three members of the Advisory Committee.

  • Selection Committee (6 – 8 members)
The Selection Committee consists of representatives from six to eight participating library systems. Interested applicants are nominated by their Directors.

Officers are elected by a simple majority vote and serve a two-year term. Officers may serve consecutive terms. A simple majority of voting members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at meetings. Executive Committee members must be present or attending the meeting by means of telecommunication to vote. An Executive Committee member may also appoint a designated proxy to attend meetings and vote in his/her absence. The Executive Committee shall meet at least 3 times per year.

Georgia Download Destination Bylaws may be amended or rescinded by a supermajority (two-thirds) vote of the members at any Executive Committee meeting with a quorum. Proposed amendments may originate from any member library system of GADD.

Georgia Download Destination meetings, including the Executive Committee meetings, shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order, latest edition.

GADD officers shall be the designated representatives of the Committee for all official communication with vendors concerning GADD collection development.

Vendor Selection

A supermajority (two-thirds) of the Executive Committee is required to select and/or deselect GADD vendors. This vote may be submitted electronically, in person, or by proxy.


Titles for the consortium shall be selected by the Selection Committee. In the event of a patron challenge to the content or selection listings of Georgia Download Destination, the Chair shall appoint a review committee composed of the Chair, one GADD member Director, a member of the Selection Committee, and the Director of the home library system of the challenger. The Committee shall review the challenge and make a recommendation to the Executive Committee for review and voting.

Georgia Download Destination retains the consortium name and all content, products, and services that are contracted for or purchased with the consortium’s collective funds. Upon withdrawing from GADD, a member library accepts all responsibility for retention of their content, if desired.

Support and Cataloging

Each member library will designate staff to serve as the support contact for that library.

When feasible, Georgia Download Destination shall purchase OCLC MARC catalog records for materials in the collection. Responsibility for editing records shall reside with one or more member libraries volunteering the service for the group. Edited records shall be available for all members as they choose to use them.